Sunday, February 18, 2007

Doc spelled backwards is...

We love Cod so much here at the apartment that if we could we'd eat it thrice a week but realistically we eat it as often as possible. Being in New England the fish with the greatest advantages for us is the Codfish. It's local, cheap and fresh. Fished off the New England coast for centuries the Codfish + New England marriage is one made perfect by the fact that this fish is one tasty mother. We also had two scallops each, just pan seared and a couple pan seared trumpet mushrooms BOOM dam it was great.
For one nice dinner all you need is a nice piece of Cod, Whole Foods (yeah they are expensive aren't they) sells locally caught Cod, never frozen, super fresh, white and tasty for 14.99 per lb. a half lb. fillet runs around $7 bucks and will generously feed 2. She and I were full to the gills after I made a little cheesy mushroom polenta and a Boston bib lettuce salad. Pictured above is some onion garlic foccacia I baked up BOOM it was really good shit. Listen there was cheese in the polenta, but that was about it. So yeah I eat alot of cheese but the lady she isn't exactly into every cheese.

Having said that she does like one particular cheese...
  • Las Mil Ovejas a sheep's milk cheese from Extremadura Spain, it is very similar to Manchego but younger, creamier, and much more fruity. I gave her a chunk of it with her favorite beer, Pinkus Organic Hefe-Weizen

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