Thursday, February 15, 2007

V Day

So I'm no tough guy or anything but I'm also no sap and of course I do love my lady but we usually don't do that much for Valentines day. This year, not much different than the rest, I made dinner...

I went to Whole Paycheck and started browsing around looking for some good eats to make me little lady. Honestly I wanted a nice thick steak. She likes skirt, hanger, or flank steaks, and even then red meat isn't her favorite. I make fish all the time, and she never eats chicken because she thinks its dirty and raised inhumanly and I do agree, but man when it's fried up right with some mashies and gravy, MMMMMmmm good.

I decided on pork chops, bone in, thick cut center jobs cause you know how I do it. I purchased some more this and thats, but the menu went as follows.

Date and Walnut breaded chops with white wine honey garlic gravy.
Mashed quartet of potato, yam, celeriac, and beet with acacia honey and sage butter.
Fried broccolini with lime.
Fresh baked white rolls.
and for dessert her favorite Creme Brulee - oh yeah I got some.

The chops got brushed with honey Boom then I covered em with date walnut bread crumbs I made in the food processor. The potato, yam, celeriac, and beet got boiled mashed and then hit with cream, sage butter and honey, salt and peppered and to the table. Broccolini into the blanching water out into the pan then a squeeze of lime, done. Bread rose for 6 hours, was formed into little balls, brushed with melted butter and finished with Maldon salt then into the oven, so they were steamin hot for soaking up, the gravy - roux then chicken stock then white wine then garlic from the pan the chops finished roasting in then all into that pan for a nice deglaze, lots of pepper, some more honey and then a lump o' butter to give that shiny sexy texture. She literally sopped it up and then we watched SNAKES ON A PLANE which I loved and she hated but the Creme Brulee was a hit and I got SOME.

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