Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Our last Class

Cheese and Poetry class

This was a fun one and very unique. Check it out. below

1. Valencay Valencay, France
This (chopped off) pyramid goat cheese is ash covered, crumbly lightly and tangy. With age it will develop blotches of grey and blue mold and a stronger, more intense flavor.

Gran Gesta Cava Brut Reserve Spain

Paired with Louis Napoleon by Oscar Wilde

2. Tomme de Chevre au Muscadet Loire, France
France’s Loire Valley produces sweet, milky, and sparkling cheeses this ones been washed with Muscadet wine making it more robust and full.

Clos du Tue-Boeuf Touraine Sauvignon Touraine, France

Paired with Shhh by Brian

3. Trois Lait Pyrenees, France
Full figured farmhouse cheese with cow, goat, and sheep’s milk mixed to into a lightly washed rind wheel. Slightly unctuous while creamy and citric and perfect balance of three animals over varying soil compositions.

Txomin Etxaniz Getaria, Spain

Paired with Redwood by Christin Drake

4. Taleggio Castagna Lombardy, Italy
Sometimes love stinks, this saltwater washed rind gem is made from fresh cow’s milk and one of the only raw milk Taleggio’s in the U.S. creamy and thick with nut and hay.

Monferrato Freisa Piedmont, Italy

Paired with Recycling in Manhattan by Sue MacMillon

5. Grafton Gold 2yr Cheddar Grafton, Vermont USA
This creamy sharp cheddar is made in a cooperative and aged in the small Vermont town with care. A great value for cooking, melting over hot apple pie, or just for snacking, American through and through.

Foret Belgium
Belgium’s 100%, certified organic ale, brewed from 100% organically raised hops, barley & pure well water.

Paired with Apple Pie and Cheese by Eugene Field

6. Mil Ovejas Extremadura, Spain
This sheep’s milk is similar to Manchego but much younger, fruitier, and smoother. With notes of citrus and grass a playful tang in the mouth occurs when eating this FK exclusive beauty.

Pinkus Mueller Hefe - Weizen Germany

An organic wheat ale made with some barley but mostly wheat malt and hops. Citric flavors and an astringent mouth-feel make this beer a perfect match for drier cheeses

Paired with So Maybe… by Stephen Bar

7. Castagna Gorgonzola Dolce Oranavasso, Italy
The Cadillac of Gorgonzola, this cream bomb is silky and full bodied. Made from the traditional Red Cow in
Piedmont and enriched with cream for a soft supple texture and less intense bluing.

Banyuls Pyrenees, France
Aged in Oak casks for several months this viscous fortified wine has notes of cinnamon, vanilla, and spice a real warm you upper for those cold winter nights.

Paired with There is a Gentle Thought by Dante Alighieri

8. Espelette Pepper Chocolate Truffles FK Made in MA, USA

Our expert chocolatier Christine makes each of these truffles by hand (with love) she mixes the smoky Basque pepper flakes into Belgium bittersweet chocolate. The AOC chili brings out the true essence of the velvety chocolate, a real aphrodisiac.

Paired with 1986 by Bonair Agard

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